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Dark Corner of the Inn - No matter which Role-Playing Game system you use, there is always an Inn, Tavern or gathering place of some kind. Invari

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Dark Corner of the Inn

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Manager: widlguy
No matter which Role-Playing Game system you use, there is always an Inn, Tavern or gathering place of some kind. Invariably, there is a corner somewhere in the room that is darker than the others are. That corner usually contains a very seedy person or alien that is the antagonist, the villain. This ring celebrates that character and the life that it breathes into each of our games. All Role Playing Game web sites are welcome to this ring, no matter which game you play.

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   Dubhar Tiliath, the Shadow Realm Preview Go
A free online Medieval-Fantasy Freestyle RPG set in a land forever free of the light of day, where creatures of the night roam at will however or whenever they choose...
   Wizard's Keep Preview Go
This site is dedicated to the Third Edition Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. It includes new house rules, character journals and campaign notes. As well as general information on Gaia, the world in which most of the games take place.
   Blackberry RPG Preview Go
Blackberry is a free form, play by post, adult RPG in a quasi-midieval setting of surrealism where all makes and walks of life may clash together, from fantasy and scifi to modern real-lifer's and favorite canon characters.

   A DM's Guide Preview Go
The best place on the web to find useful tools and game info for DM's and players alike. Netbooks, races, tables and charts aplenty!
   The Black Swan - A Pirate Story Line Preview Go
This is a texted based SL, via live role play and posted play on message boards. Various SL's are connected in many different ways. Have a character you'd like to add? Or just read the saga's that play out. All live RP play, is posted along with written pieces. Come join the fun today!
   Eldhin Preview Go
Where humans ARE the minority. PBEM site set on an original island inhabited by original characters. Come join the fun!
   Birch Bookstore Preview Go
A online roleplaying bookstore with 100's of books for aberrant, exalted, changeling, hunter, mage, mummy, vampire, werewolf, wraith, trinity, shadowrun, earthdawn, battletech, dungeons and dragons, star trek, star wars, marvel super heroes and alternity. And alot of free RPG downloads
   Cayzle's Wemic Site Preview Go
Comprehensive Info on Wemics (liontaurs), including second and third edition Dungeons and Dragons options and rules analysis. Plus links and more!
   Chill Factor Preview Go
A site that explains how to use the Chill universe as an alternate campaign setting for the Top Secret/SI game.
   The Champions Hall Guild Preview Go
A site of the large club in Tel-Aviv, it has a large galery, newsletters, forums, webrings and more...

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