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Dark Sites - Escape the sanity of simplicity, and wallow amidst the chaotic blissfulness of The Dark sites Of The Web! Bring Your Mor

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Dark Sites

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Manager: tattooed_ogre
Escape the sanity of simplicity, and wallow amidst the chaotic blissfulness of The Dark sites Of The Web! Bring Your Morbidly Twisted, Estranged And Deranged, Twisted, Chaotic, Freaky And Strange Websites Into This Eccentric Web Of Blackened Souls! If You Think You're Capable Of Dwelling Within The Sane Insanity Which Lurks In It's Darkness...



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   my insane world Preview Go
from j-rock to lolita..q
   The Official Website of Aristaeus Preview Go
True Gothic, BlackMetal!!From The Shadowlands of The Midwest U.S.A...Hear Them That Heeded the Call of The Ancients!!!
   Staffs Vampire Society Preview Go
Staffs Vampire Society. An alternitive society for those who DARE to be different. This egroup is for people interested in the Vampire Society at Staffs Uni. Although our society is interested in Vampirism we Embrace all subcultures that are attendant, such as Horror, SF-Fantasy, Trash, metal, Goth, punk, Cyber-Punk, Pagan, Manga, etc

   Official Leprosy Website (USA) Preview Go
Brutal Death/Splattergore Metal from Pittsburgh, PA USA. Check out MP3',lyrics, pics, etc...
The Dark Prince of DIY - Downloadable music, sexy pictures, and more! For fans of the Sisters of Mercy, HIM, Evanescence and the Cure.
   Realm Of Terror Preview Go
Beginning website about myself and Satanism. Coming in the near future: Temple of Set, Vampires, Black Metal Music and more.
   New Orleans Gothic Preview Go
Online zines devoted to all things gothic horror, dark fantasy, mystery, and New Orleans writers, ghosts, cemeteries, witches, voodoo, and other weirdness.
   DarkSyn's Dungeons Of Hell Preview Go
Gothic And Vampyric Poetry, Vampire. Gothic Art, Wierd LInks. Banner Exchange, Award Swap, Anything Evil.
   Starlight's Realm of Words Preview Go
This page is dedicated to books and words, with various good links. The rest of the site has such things as html, poetry, music, crochet, knitting and even desktop theme links."
   Book of Shadows Preview Go
Book of Shadows

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