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The Ring of Chivalry - A CHIVALRY ring for chivalrous people who have an interest in medieval times, Arthurian legend, knights, wizards, kingdo

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The Ring of Chivalry

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A CHIVALRY ring for chivalrous people who have an interest in medieval times, Arthurian legend, knights, wizards, kingdoms, castles, swords, armor, Old English, and of course, chivalry. Stores or businesses are also able to join this webring. Historical content is prefered.

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   Knights of the Timeless Realm Preview Go
Knights of the Timless Realm is a medieval re-enactment society based in the St. Louis, MO area
   Leatherwing's Cave Preview Go
My site for revival of chivalry in the modern world,as well as instruction for various things medieval
   The Dusty Rose Preview Go
We design a variety of Flower garlands, beaded Circlets, Crowns, Tiaras, Jesters, Jewelry, Baubles, and feather Fans for the Renaissance era as well as for role-playing games. We also make a kine of Potpourris and Bath salts. Our Bath salts are excellent for purifying onesself before any spell or ritual.

   LadyNimue's Page Preview Go
This is my page showing my various interests including MUDs, the Campbell Clan, the Society for Creative Anachronisms and neat stuff I've found on the web.
   Medieval and Fantasy Adventures Preview Go
Medieval/Arthurian themed treasure hunts for role players, fundraisers and ren faires. Tips and tricks for creating your own plus a Holy Grail themed downloadable treasure hunt
   dumoc Preview Go
short stories about dragons, wizards, pegusus, other fiction, fantasy and, stuff about me
   Corpo della Nobilita Sammarinese Preview Go
Official homepage of the Nobility Corporation of San Marino with information on San Marino's nobility, heraldry and chivalric orders.
   Darkness Preview Go
cool stuff on fantasy, medieval and paranormal stuff
   Ordo Militia Templi Salomonis Preview Go
The website of the Ordo Militia Templi Salomonis founded in 1995 from far older organisations dedicated to the research of the knowledge and wisdom of the original Order.
   European heraldry Preview Go
An historical presentation of the world of the coats of arms through present and old european monarchies. Possibility of create your own coat of arms.

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