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Drum Circles Circle - Djembes & doumbeks & congas, oh my! And tambourines / frame drums, bongos, shakers & rattles too! A place for drum circl

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Drum Circles Circle

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Manager: catanna
Djembes & doumbeks & congas, oh my! And tambourines / frame drums, bongos, shakers & rattles too! A place for drum circle drummers & dancers to gather. Pages about solo trance dancing, bellydancing, indiginous or worldbeat music & handdrumming are welcome too.

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An innovative music training DVD that really delivers! Triple-Mode training: CG animations timed frame-to-music, allowing you to learn how rhythms fit in a musical cycle! Designed for all Mid-East percussion: finger cymbals, dümbek, darbouka, tabla, doholla, riq, daf, tar, bendir, etc. Also ideal for guitar/keyboard musicians wishing to learn belly dance “riffs” to expand their repertoires.
   Drumming Circles & Hand Drums Preview Go
Introduction to drumming with djembes, doumbeks, bongos, congas & tambourines & other frame drums. Group drumming energizes the body, clears the mind, soothes the soul & can help you connect with the coolest people in the best possible way. You'll also find pictures & descriptions of popular drums plus links to instructional videos, inspirational CDs & books on hand drumming and bellydance here.
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Trance, rapture & psychospiritual exploration without drugs; a guide to safe & legal highs for enhanced creativity, deeper relationships, access to Universal Consciousness or just for fun :-) Home of the Altered States of Consciousness webring.

   Drummers on Drumming Preview Go
Inspiring quotations from famous drummers including Mickey Hart, Layne Redmond, John Bergamo, Arthur Hull, Keith Moon, Baba Olatunji and Robin Adnan Anders.
   Drum Along Drum Circle Video & DVD Preview Go
Get a taste of what it's like to play in a drum circle in the privacy of your own living room with this video or DVD. Drum along with a 30-person drum circle playing djembes, ashikos, congas, bongos, frame drums, doumbeks, tamborines, djun djuns, bass drums, shakers, bells, and woodblocks. Six separate songs explore African, Cuban and worldbeat fusion rhythms.
   Sacred Serpent - Path of Wisdom and Oneness Preview Go
Featuring a Sacred Drum article. My website aims at the promotion of Shamanism, Goddess Spirituality, Women's Empowerment, Earth Matters, Magick, Yoga and Shiva consciousness as tools to spiritual growth, Oneness and enlightenment. Articles on shamanism, Goddess spirituality, Yoga as a spiritual path, workshops, medicine ceremonies, power animals, distance healing and more!
   Doumbek Store & Instruction Preview Go
High quality doumbeks for sale at discount prices plus videos and CDs to help you learn to play this beautiful Middle Eastern drum
   Want to Play Djembe? Preview Go
Introduction to djembe drums & drumming plus Links to drum merchants and instructional books, CDs & videos
   Samba of Brazil,Links Preview Go
Brasilian Music Links Page,Samba,Notting Hill Carnival,samba schools,escolas do samba,brazilian contemporary arts,Dr Ka-TI jazz,Brasilian music,Blame it on the Bossa Nova article
   Drums in South Florida Preview Go
A drums blog about the local scene in South Florida

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