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21st Century History - The History of the New Millenium: Obituaries, births, wars, news, writing, trivia, the millenium bug, new years celebrat

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21st Century History

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Manager: lilithezine
The History of the New Millenium: Obituaries, births, wars, news, writing, trivia, the millenium bug, new years celebrations, artists, celebrities, fashion, movies, politics, economics, September 11th, 9/11, the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq, the 2000 election and Florida miscount, general info, personal sites, internet, technology, etc. Anything that occurred during 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and beyond.

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High-Speed Rail in the US and Along the NE Corridor
One of the most important programs of the 21st Century is to plan and build high speed rail networks. Travel over Amtrak's Northeast Corridor between Boston and Washington. Electrified railroads. "Ridership on New York State's high-speed rail system will continue to rise even if no improvements are made. An attempt to match or better a bus trip from Delaware to Old Saybrook, Connecticut.
Public Transportation: North American rail systems
Mass transit is the biggest surprise of the 21st Century. Comprehensive list of the tram, trolley, light rail, heavy rail, subway, commuter rail systems in North America. Find out who owns them, who runs them, where they go, what equipment they have.
Metro-North Commuter Railroad
Metro-North, is a suburban commuter rail service that is run and managed by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), an authority of New York State. It is one of the busiest commuter railroad in the United States as measured in terms of overall monthly ridership. MetroľNorth runs service between New York City to its northern suburbs in New York and Connecticut.
Electronic Commerce and EDI Toolbox
Everything, but everything about electronic commerce and EDI. Help with your business information technology projects. Experienced technical experts. Web Site design, Web Site hosting and electronic commerce consulting.
Business Goths
We already know that gothic culture is big business (we just have to look at the Matrix movies and all the recent gothic movies Hollywood has made) to realize that gothic women and men are making lots of money.

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21st Century History

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