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DIY Home Automation - Untitled document A collection of over 50 sites covering many aspects of Home Automation.

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DIY Home Automation

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Manager: peterwesternuk
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A collection of over 50 sites covering many aspects of Home Automation.


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Tom's Home Automation Webpage
Tom's Home Automation Webpage. Come and view some interesting Home Automation sites. You can also view Tom's Custom HA System called "X-HOME!". Tom also has compiled the first ever comprehensive list of X-10 device modications including MS-12A Occupancy Sensor modifications and plenty of schematics!! Much more to come so please stop by often!
Home Brew Home Automation
Open project to design free standards, protocols, hardware and software for all aspects of home automation. Also runs mailing list for discussions.
World of DIY Home Automation
This website is dedicated to projects for the technically minded to construct their own Home Automation system with High-End features for a Low-End price tag.
UK Home Automation Projects
Various UK Home Automation stuff, X10 lamp module modifications, Whole-House audio MP3 server, making PCBs using an X-Y flatbed plotter.
Xtend: The X10 to UNIX controller
A free program to allow a UNIX box to execute programs based on X10 commands

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DIY Home Automation

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